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I'm a passionate Game Developer with a knack for transforming creative visions into engaging gaming experiences. Driven by innovation and a keen interest in the latest game technologies, I create immersive gameplay that captivates players and fosters deep engagement. If you're seeking to take your gaming project to new heights, let's connect and craft something extraordinary together!

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Gameplay Programming

Specializing in crafting gameplay mechanics, player controls, and implementing game logic to ensure a responsive and enjoyable player experience.

  • I implement responsive controls and character behaviors.

  • I craft intricate gameplay mechanics that are both fun and challenging.

  • I optimize game code for peak performance across devices.

AI & Multiplayer

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AI & Multiplayer Programming

Harnessing the power of advanced algorithms to create intelligent game agents and seamless multiplayer interactions, enhancing gameplay depth and replayability.

  • I design AI behaviors that adapt to player strategies, offering varied challenges.

  • I develop robust multiplayer systems for real-time player interactions.

  • I ensure synchronized and lag-free multiplayer experiences.

My Portfolio

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All Multiplayer HyperCasual Others


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Soar through the skies, dodge deadly missiles, and stay alive in this heart-pumping game of evasion! Boost your skills with power-ups and upgrades to outmaneuver the enemy. Download now and take on the ultimate challenge!

Available for android.



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Sharpen your math skills and climb the leaderboard in Shomaths! Solve tricky arithmetic problems against the clock to become the ultimate math whiz. Download now for addictive gameplay and endless fun!

Available for android.



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Unlock your potential with the ultimate speed and reflex game - Unlock! React quickly to unlock complex locks and avoid triggering alarms. With addictive gameplay and endless levels, this game is a must-play. Download now!

Available for android.



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Dive into 'Direwolf', a thrilling multiplayer FPS experience. Battle with advanced weaponry, outsmart your enemies, and emerge as the champion. Join the ultimate showdown and prove your mettle!

Available for windows.


Ping Pong C++ Game

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Ping Pong C++ Game

Check out my C++ Ping Pong ball game showcasing my programming skills! Experience addictive gameplay, challenging levels, and seamless controls in a virtual environment. Don't miss out on the fun - see my code now!

My clients say


Jacinto Diego

Devashish is an extraordinarily skilled game developer who consistently delivers top-notch projects. He created a game for us that is not only visually captivating but also offers immersive gameplay. His expertise in both game mechanics and graphics is remarkable, and he's always accessible for questions and guidance. I would highly recommend Devashish to anyone seeking a dedicated and proficient game developer.

Sayo Garcia

I had the pleasure of working with Devashish on a game development project and was thoroughly impressed with their skills and professionalism. They were able to transform our concept into an engaging and immersive gaming experience that exceeded our expectations. Devashish's commitment to exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality work sets them apart in the gaming industry. I would highly recommend Devashish to anyone in need of a top-notch game developer.

Darshan Patel

Devashish is an exceptional game developer. Their proficiency in game design and mechanics is unparalleled, and they were able to craft an engaging and immersive game that resonated with our target audience. Devashish's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to pushing boundaries make them an invaluable asset to any project. I would wholeheartedly recommend Devashish to anyone seeking a dedicated and talented game developer.

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